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Preparing for a Microsoft Compliance Audit can seem like a daunting process.
We know how you feel – it may be quite intimidating and you are concerned about the costs and exposure.

Do you know how to prepare?
Are you completely ready?

Emerset has the know-how and expertise to make it a positive experience.
We will ensure that you will be fully prepared and help you minimize the total expense – in labor, in time and in the form of the total out-of-pocket fees.

Who We Are?

With over 18 years of experience, our team consists of ex-Microsoft senior experts with significant practical experience. Our professionals utilize our proprietary, proven methodology for Microsoft Enterprise License Agreement negotiations and Microsoft License Audit Readiness Processes. The effect is a leveling of the playing field in your favor.

We have successfully concluded thousands of Enterprise Agreements and Audit Readiness processes on behalf of our clients, significantly improving their bottom line while ensuring compliance.